Eco line

Eco Line Carbon Filters

Eco Line Carbon Filters

Eco Line Filters

The Eco Line from Prima Klima are quality carbon air filters that will purge odours, pollen, dust and other undesirable compounds and particulates from the air. The eco line filters require little maintenance, they have excellent airflow because of the quality of the carbon.

For hobbyists and small home installations the Eco line filters from Prima Klima are the ideal product to use.


  • Service life of 11 months
  • CTC55 active carbon from pit coal
  • 650m2 surface area per gram of carbon
  • 1 second contact period
  • Machine packed carbon for greater density
  • Optimum hole spacing for greater air flow

Sizing chart

Item No Air Flow
Room Size m3 Weight
K2600 160 3.5 2.12 Ø200×250
K2601 240 5.7 2.96 Ø200×400
K2602 420 7.5 5.02 Ø250×400
K2603 780 12.2 8.62 Ø250×650