What happens if I use the wrong size of filter?

Your filter should have an air flow capacity which is at least the same as your extractor fan. If you use a filter with a lower air flow capacity you will find that it does not last as long as expected. You also risk forcing air bypass.

Do Prima Klima filters come with a pre filter?

Yes, all Prima Klima filters come with a pre filter.

Do I need to clean my pre filter?

Yes, you should clean your pre filter regularly, or replace it, throughout the life of your carbon filter. Prima Klima pre filters are machine washable.

How long will my filter last?

The industry line filters will last around 18 months. Our economy line filters will last nearly a year.

What temperature and humidity conditions can my Prima Klima filter work in?

Prima Klima filters are designed to work in conditions of humidity of up to 70% and at a maximum temperature of 70°C.

Can I use my filter with a higher than recommended airflow?

No, this will force the air through the filter too quickly so you will not get enough contact time to neutralize the odours. It will also reduce the life of your filter.

What happens if I use a larger filter than recommended?

If you use a larger than recommended filter, there will be no negative consequences, the filter will simply work for longer than stated.

What size fan should I use with my filter?

You should always use a fan with a lower air flow than that of your filter.

Can I refill my filter?

It is possible to refill your filter, but you will never achieve the same machine packed density of carbon that we can achieve in the factory, so your refilled filter will underperform. We recommend replacing your filter at the end of its lifespan.

How do I dispose of the filter after its full life usage?

You should take your filter to a recycling centre to dispose of it. If you have an outdoor garden you can use the carbon in your soil.