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Quality leads to success

Industry Line Filters

Our Industry line are the ideal solution for all your industrial air filtering applications. Built for performance and endurance.

Eco Line Filters

Our Eco line filters are specifically designed for smaller scale applications and hobbyists. Utilising all the technology and experience from our Industry line, these are great quality products.

Pre Filters

Our pre filters are designed to fit on both the industry line and eco line of products, they will ensure that your filters work at their most optimum for longer.

Prima Klima

1Leading the way in the design and manufacture of industrial and economy carbon air filters. Prima Klima are the only filters that you need to consider for your air purification purposes.

Our Experience

2Prima Klima is one of the largest and most well known Activated Carbon Filter manufacturers. We have over 15 years of experience producing filters for industrial use as well as home and hobby use.

Help and Advice

3We are here to help you. Choosing a filter can be a complicated decision, room size, flow rates, pressure drop are all things you want to take into consideration. Contact us for help choosing the best filter for you.

Customer Service

4Our commitment to you doesn’t stop with the sale of a filter. We are here to support and assist you throughout the life of your filter. Any questions - just get in touch.